A Far Away Adventure

Ravens Eye – a Unique Place
Ravens Eye is beautifully located at the top of the village with a magnificent view of Lake Jormsjön and the Swedish-Norwegian mountains. Your accommodation consists of a guesthouse with ten double rooms with shower/WC in each room. There is also a wonderful lounge and a breakfast room. At Ravens Eye you also find a timeless rough-hewn timbered house in which a feast is prepared every night. By the light of the fire we enjoy a meal based on local traditions and the surprises of the season. At the grounds there is also a chapel for weddings and baptisms, a sauna and an outdoors hot tub.

We have designed and built everything ourselves and with influences from Iceland, the Viking Age and the world of the Gaul’s our wish is to give you a sense of freedom, and we hope that you will find a source for inspiration. No matter what you have experienced in the past we guarantee you that Ravens Eye is a new and unique experience.


Land of Possibilities

Far from everyday life in the small mountain village of Jorm you find myth and adventure and a unique accommodation in the wilderness. Irrespective of whether you have come for fishing, hunting, challenges or just peace and harmony it is the barren but magnificent landscape that has been the attraction. Starting at Ravens Eye at the foot of the mountain,we take you on an adventure in a landscape with unlimited possibilities.

The area of Frostviken offers many possibilities. It is a sparsely populated area with mountain moors, barren peaks, brooks and crystal clear mountain lakes. Here you find northern Europe’s longest water filled canyon, Sweden’s longest cave, Bjurälven nature reserve and infinite space for recreation and reflection.


The Day When Uhrd Met Herm, the Raven

Legends and fairy tales have been told for generations.Many have been forgotten, but some are still well known today. In the area around Jorm the legend of the Stone Age hunter Uhrd is told. A legend so strong that it in our time has been the inspiration for a unique place that leaves no one unaffected – Ravens Eye.
“At the time when the inland ice had melted, Lake Gorm had been formed. It was before the pine and the spruce had occupied the land and the forests mostly consisted of broad-leaf trees and fern plants.

At the northern end of Lake Gorm there was a large island. At the northern part of the island and on the opposite side of the narrow strait man had come from the west and made their settlings. One day, when time not yet meant hours, minutes and seconds and people’s lives were guided only by the motion of the sun and the moon, something happened that still effects the people living around the lake that today is called Jorm.” More of the legend and why we, as a tribute to the raven, have built Ravens Eye will be told after dinner by the dying embers in a relaxing and peaceful environment.


Ola & Elin

For us, Ravens Eye is more than a job; it is a way of life. We ride our horses almost 5000 miles a year, sleep outdoors in the mountains for a large part of the summer and autumn, arrange guided tours in Korallgrottan, Sweden’s longest cave, host dinners and arrange conferences. We find strength and energy in our magnificent surroundings and in the meeting with our guests. With the help of nature, the accommodation, the food, the activities and the horses our goal is to give you an experience out of the ordinary. An adventure far from everyday life and close to your dreams. Welcome.
Riding in Sweden’s Mountain Wilderness

Eager Icelandic horses allow us to explore the mountainous fells and wild beauty of the Swedish-Norwegian border at and easy tolt.We’ll enjoy spectacular panoramic views, invigorating mountain air and picnic by the clean,pure waters of mountain lakes and streams.The rolling scenery of the borderland creates a unique, road-less wilderness and our strong Icelandic horses allow us to cover the rugged terrain with ease.We follow ancient trails through this remote, seldom visited land which is home to moose as well as rare birds of prey such as the Golden Eagle and Gyr Falcon. Our rides are varied in terrain and tempo allowing enough flexibility to suit riders of all ages and abilities.

Trekking in the mountains with a friendly pack horse

Following ancient mountain trails along the border with Norway is a wonderfully relaxing experience. Without worrying about carrying a heavy backpack you can relax and enjoy the magnificent road-less scenery and wild nature of one of Western Europe’s last remaining wilderness regions. With a sturdy Icelandic horse as your companion and porter you’ll be able to enjoy trekking through varied mountain scenery in the company of a small group of like-minded travelers and an experienced local guide. Our bags will be packed with a range of local delicacies making meal times a culinary delight. The comfortable Hotel Raven’s Eye is our base and as we wander through forest and fell we’ll pick berries, hear local folk lore and take time out to fish in the cool, clear mountain streams and lakes.

Swedish Multi-Activity Short Break – Winter 2006

In the small mountain village of Jorm the snow each winter is guaranteed. Far from the vacation crowds, nestled among the fells the tiny village of Jorm can offer a wide range of exciting winter activities. Unique hotel with a stunning location, cozy atmosphere, delicious regional cuisine and value for money services make the Raven’s Eye Hotel an ideal base for exploring and having fun. Choose from a range of exciting activities or simply relax with a sauna, take a dip in the hot tub or read a book by the fire while enjoying picture perfect panoramic views over the frozen Jorm lake towards the snowy peaks of Norway.

Contact us at Ravens Eye

Adress: Jormvattnet 680, SE-830 90 Gäddede
Phone: +46 672 201 71
Cellphone: +46 70 668 00 68
E-mail: [email protected]
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